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With hundreds of patients using our services every day, Medology continues to deliver the best in online health care and treatment quickly, effectively and confidentially.


HealthLabs.com provides quick and easy medical testing online at an affordable price. Simply choose from our expansive spectrum of medical testing (from Allergy to Vitamin!) on HealthLabs.com, order your lab tests, visit one of our 2,000+ testing centers across the nation and get your results in just one to three business days without the wait and hassle of a doctor's office.

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STDcheck.com provides fast, private and affordable STD testing online. Order your test on STDcheck.com, visit one of our 4,000+ testing centers nationwide and get your results in just one to two days - all without setting foot in a doctor's office. You can rely on the assistance of our trained health counselors 24/7 to help you get started and if you test positive, receive a free consultation from one of our physicians to explain your results and answer your questions.

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UTItreatment.com is real treatment by real doctors in real-time for uncomplicated urinary tract infections. Our convenient, fast and easy services can be accessed from your home or office computer, laptop or any mobile device in the U.S. around the clock. A simple visit to UTItreatment.com will save you time, money and the hassle of visiting a doctor's office.

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