Guess What!? We're Hiring!

Join our awesome team! Become a part of Medology’s highly creative, enthusiastic group of innovators who are passionate about using our skills to help others.

Caffeine Crazy

Our break room is a java lover's dream; it's brewtiful! It's always stocked with our favorite coffee blends and specialty K-cups. Be your own barista and add flavored creamers, syrups or chocolate sauce and use our super fancy espresso maker. Your inner addict will thank you.


Houston is a huge city that's filled with all sorts of culture and diversity! Our convenient location near the Galleria area gives you fast and easy access to get anywhere you need to go. Plus there are nearly limitless lunch options nearby AND we're in the Favor-zone (and all the other delivery zones)!

No Dress Code

Love leggings or blue jeans? Maybe you have an extensive hat collection you'd like to show off? Wanna trade that blazer in for a jacket or hoodie? Whatever you choose to put on, we care more about the work you do than the clothes you wear (within reason, of course!).

Flexible Schedule

Most of Medology's positions come with flexible scheduling; we're pretty open as long as you deliver! So if you like to hit snooze or just feel like coming in around 10 o'clock, go for it. You can expect holiday and vacation time throughout the year, too!

Delightful Drinks

Not a coffee drinker? Stand in awe in front of our 6-foot beverage cooler. It’s filled with favorite sodas, teas, juices, energy drinks and other refreshing options. Need a flashback to your childhood? Go on and grab yourself Yoo-hoo. Staying fit? Grab a protein shake.

Coolest Coworkers

Being small has its advantages– You'll actually know everyone you work with here and our office culture is seriously awesome! We're fun people who do fun things, so say hello to potlucks, birthday cakes, celebrations and all sorts of enjoyable goodness!

Delicious (Free!) Lunches & Snacks

A couple times a week the entire company gets lunch catered courtesy of our generous CEO. We’re always trying out new local restaurants and cuisines; past orders have included everything from healthy options like salads, sushi, gluten-free pizza and wraps, to Texas-style BBQ, fajitas and Indian dishes. YUM! Still have a craving? Hit up our snack pantry; it's loaded with sweet or salty noms!

Health Benefits

We offer an excellent array of general health care plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. Our hope is they will keep you both happy and healthy. After all, health is the business we're in! We also have employee discounts for all Medology brands. We offer fantastic medical services that are convenient and affordable, even our employees use them!

Daily Memes!

At Medology, you can expect to start your morning with daily curated memes straight from our CEO. The “Fun” channel of our IM system is always sure to make you smirk or crack up. Let this serve as a fair warning that while we have not yet had a death from laughter, there have been occasional choking fits caused by laughing while drinking and reading memes.

Inclusive & Diverse

Our team is incredibly diverse– We are proud that Medology is comprised of outstanding individuals from all walks of life! Your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or appearance won't be marginalized here. We are friendly people who cannot wait for you to join our team!

Our Team

Here's a current look at our team's diversity by ethnicity. Medology is—and will always continue to—a fair and inclusive workplace for everyone.

Diversity is imperative to Medology because we believe that immersing oneself in ethnic, racial and cultural differences increases not only understanding, but also cooperation and collaboration. There is less innovation in a homogenous group; we know that varying backgrounds bring alternative viewpoints to our team and help us create new, original ideas together.

We don't just have varying skills and talents, we each bring in our own personal experiences, backgrounds and viewpoints. Cultural multiplicity and ethnic diversity bring a liveliness to Medology that fosters camaraderie, appreciation and understanding.

Open Positions